The Ovahimba Years

A Multimedia Ethnography in Namibia and Angola
Petite Rina
Les années Ovahimba

Une ethnographie multim├ędia en Namibie et Angola



This war song is lead by a victorious warrior to recall his brave deeds... killing of an enemy, a lion or any other dangerous animal. He is followed by a group of men that react to his dramatic rendering of the sung deed by exclaiming "hiyo", which affirms the lead warrior's statements. Ombimbi is often performed at funerals to recall the heroic deeds of the deceased and hence portray the role he played within the community. The warriors' performance is commented upon by the ululations of the women or okurora ondoro, onomatopoeic vocables welcoming the returning warriors.

This recording was made at a funeral in Omutati, a settlement in north-western Namibia.