Photo Story

Of a meeting at Rina Sherman's house in Mayfair, Johannesburg, 1983

John Nankin: I cannot remember the name of the arts program. This is probably how it went: "somebody wants to make a film about us". "ok , lets work out what we want to perform, a storyboard, a sequence." As if we were the artists/authors. Then on the day, or close to the day , it turned out that they just wanted to film US. Perhaps their footage was run with music dumped on top? Like a music vid. We should have been paid. Instead we were seduced by a little more attention. I remember walking off, at some point. I was asked a question about why I thought it was avant-garde to wear white make-up. I was wearing white make up to HIDE myself, and to signify that they had treated us like clowns, fools. (FB link: